Have an event or speaker suggestion?

Tuesday 12/07/2021, Association Meeting 6:45pm @ Woody's BBQ
6:45 at the PVB Woody's Bar B Q, 226 Solana Rd. We are having a panel discuss the GATE property next to Dolphin Cove. Arrive around 6:00 if you want to eat before, or arrive later to eat during the meeting, its up to you.

Saturday 04/23/2022, Dolphin Cove, 2022 Military Appreciation Day
10:00 - 12:00 Formal recognition of retired Dolphin Cove Veterans. Click here FMI.


Tuesday 06/01/2021, Association ZOOM Meeting
6:45 - 7:45 on Zoom. Meeting concluded.

Saturday 06/26/2021, Community Garage Sale
Get those small bills, setup by 7:30 with prices marked and have fun!

Saturday 06/26/2021, Movie Night at the Park
SATURDAY JUNE 26 8:00 PM EDT Free, DeLeon Shores Park/Dolphin Cove

Come join your neighbors for our first summer event of 2021, Movie Night at the Park. Saturday, June 26th at the DeLeon Shores Park in Dolphin Cove. (Weather permitting).

Cartoon shorts will start at approximately 8:15pm and the movie "Hook" will begin at approximately 8:45 pm (sunset). Bring your own chairs, blankets and beverages. Come dressed as your favorite pirate or lost boy!

Tuesday 09/07/2021, Association Meeting
6:45 - 7:45 PM at the Ponte Vedra Beach branch library. This will be the first in person meeting since 12/2019, so bear with us. We also intend to try to ZOOM at least part of the meeting join us on or before 6:55pm for our guest speaker. We've also not ZOOMed from the library before so...see above.

Click here for ZOOM CALL Passcode=9042857777

Thank you!

Wednesday 11/03/2021, Ponte Vedra Zoning District Meeting


There is a CRITICAL meeting on Wed 11.3.21 at 6pm at the library. Please read below in it's ENTIRETY. GATE is starting to make their next move. The following has been shared with me. I did not write this:

Ponte Vedra Zoning District Regulations Changes

A resident of Ponte Vedra Beach (with STRONG ties to GATE and the Peyton family), who specializes in securing entitlements including land use and zoning changes, has submitted a request to significantly change the Ponte Vedra Zoning District Regulations. Even if you do not live directly in the zoning district, this would impact the attractiveness of the entire area and potentially your property values. Ponte Vedra Beach is a unique community with a designation as a Coastal Corridor. The request allows three stories instead of two, the population density of condos and hotels built in Ponte Vedra would increase by 50% within the same footprint. This will increase our traffic and all other impacts. The height requirement would remain the same: 35', but the ordinance would also allow a flat roof which would obviously allow more usable square footage to be packed into three stories

The Ponte Vedra Zoning Board refused to vote on the request and instead insisted that a Community Workshop be held to hear the voices of many Ponte Vedra Beach residents. This workshop is scheduled as follows:


November 03, 2021 at 6:00 pm


101 Library Blvd, Ponte Vedra, Florida.

The request includes increasing building and fence heights, allowing structures to be built into the 10-foot side yard set-back and changing the review of allowing flat roofed structures.

Please attend this meeting so that your voice can be heard by the Ponte Vedra Zoning and Adjustment Board and The St Johns County Commissioners.